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Volunteer Application Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Vegas VegFest!
Our community's VegFest is run by the local nonprofit, CompassionWorks International, and is offered by donation only. For this reason, volunteers are very much loved and wanted! 
The job of finding and placing 80 volunteer positions is no small task in and of itself, so we are looking for individuals who feel they can commit to Vegas VegFest and show up for their assigned volunteer time on September 28th.
To help ease the process, we have developed an initial application form so that we can get to know you a bit better.
Helpful to know:
  • All volunteer positions are a minimum 3-hour commitment.
  • We will be holding a volunteer meeting the weekend prior to VegFest at which we will provide important information and assign job duties. While we will likely still welcome you as a volunteer if you absolutely cannot attend the meeting, we do ask that you plan to attend. Date and time of the meeting will be announced soon.
  • All volunteers will receive a thank you gift bag and a voucher for a bottle of water. 
  • Volunteers who commit to an entire day of volunteering (8 hours or more) will also receive a t-shirt.
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