Get Your Vegas VegFest Raffle Tickets Today

The World's Greatest Vegan Raffle Basket is BACK! And this year you don't have to wait until Vegas VegFest to grab your tickets to our amazing basket that has a retail value of more than $600!

Basket items include:

  • a Dash mini pumpkin waffle maker

  • with a copy of The Global Vegan Waffle Cookbook

  • a Tofu Press

  • a $25 Gift Card from NoButcher

  • a $25 Gift Card from Tacotarian

  • a $25 Plant Power Fast Food

  • a $50 Gift Card from Tarantino's Vegan

  • a Gift Card from The Edible Bunch

  • a T-shirt and bracelet from CompassionWorks International

  • a 8x8 print from Suhenna Creations

  • delicious electrolyte power from Superiuer Electrolytes

  • a pack of Go Max Go candy bars

  • a 6-pack of vegan jerky from Unisoy

  • a $40 gift pack from V-Dog

  • a set of kids' books from Little Animals Mean World

  • a $55 gift pack from Treeline Treenut Cheese

  • Baked treats from The Cupcave

  • a Barista blend gift set from Milkadamia

  • 4-pack of cookies from Partake

  • a gift pack from Maxine's Heavenly

  • a gift set of croutons and parms from Kelly's Croutons

  • a T-shirt and hat from iApparel

  • a mouth rinse, toothpaste, and Bamboo Toothbrush from Na'Churals Body Care Essentials

  • a one-week pass to Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi

  • a pair of key lime earrings from Slices of Citrus

  • protein powder, a blender bottle, and protein bars from Orgain


  •  and a Vegas VegFest Deluxe VIP bag which includes more than 20 food samples and coupons!

This list grows by the day. Stay tuned! For businesses wishing to participate, please email us.

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