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VegFest Happenings

Check back for final line-up the week of Vegas VegFest!

We're happy to share our line-up of amazing guest speakers!


Amy Jean Davis has been vegan for 20 years.


She arrived in Los Angeles in 2008 as a top 24 Finalist on American Idol. In 2016, Amy founded LA Animal Save, and she’s a part of Love Always Sanctuary.


She also works with her partner, Shaun Monson, the filmmaker behind EARTHLINGS and UNITY documentaries. Shaun and Amy welcomed a human earthling to the world in 2018.

Amy will be speaking on the Myths About Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting.

Jake 01.jpg

Jake "The Cranky Vegan" Conroy is a long-time activist, designer, and writer currently residing in Seattle, WA . He helped organize and participated in successful local, regional, national and international pressure campaigns. He also helped build the foundation of SHAC USA, considered one of the most successful grassroots animal rights campaigns in history. He and his co-organizers were arrested by the US government for their roles and dubbed the SHAC7.  Jake and his codefendants were found guilty after a lengthy trial and he was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison.  In 2019, the Joaquin Phoenix produced documentary, The Animal People, was released detailing the campaign and the controversial court case.


Currently, Jake hosts the podcast Radicals & Revolutionaries and works at the Rainforest Action Network, an international organization using pressure campaigns to stop rainforest deforestation, fossil fuel extraction, and support human rights.  He can be found pontificating online as the Cranky Vegan, where he helps reimagines the tactics, strategies and optics of the grassroots animal rights movement.


Chef Josie Clemens is a globally-recognized vegan chef, author, and culinary visionary.


She has held prestigious positions around the world from kitchens of Hollywood icons to premiere international vegan restaurants including opening Matthew Kenney's Al Murabba restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Josie was also the first vegan chef to compete on the Gordon Ramsay show Hells Kitchen.


Presently she is the co-creator and judge on Peeled, the first all-vegan cooking competition show.


We are thrilled to welcome Chef Josie to dish with you all things vegan, Hell's Kitchen, and how to navigate living vegan in a non-vegan world. 


Nickie Mingarelli is a vegan chef and has been an animal rights activist most of her life.


Circumstances of her childhood put her in the position to understand injustice and abuse at a very early age. As a child growing up she would seek solace in the very animals her family abused. In times of fear she would hide and hold an animal for comfort. In those moments those animals did not always want to be held but as time went on they softened as did she. With the unconditional love she felt from them she was able to keep her heat open to love and empathy.


The animals saved her and she has spent the rest of her life trying to save them. Nickie alongside Amy Jean Davis of LA Animal Save now run a nonprofit all species animal sanctuary in Los Angeles. Love Always sanctuary's prime initiative is to create a safe loving environment for all that nurtures equality for humans and animals alike.


Carrie LeBlanc is the executive director of CompassionWorks international and founder of Vegas VegFest. She works diligently to improve and enhance the techniques and strategies in the animal advocacy movement. Her leadership has led to the demise of circuses and circus performances, and helped to change hearts and minds with regard to issues of animal captivity and trophy hunting. In Las Vegas, she has spearheaded campaigns to end the use of animals in entertainment and prevented two tiger magic shows from taking to the stage in 2022. 


Prior to founding CWI, Carrie worked alongside many notable organizations including Compassion Over Killing, FARM, and Darwin Animal Doctors, and was the first-ever Director of Operations for Mercy For Animals. 


For more information:

Cheryl Hobbs.jpeg

Cheryl Hobbs is a long-time Las Vegan and Yogic Lifestyle Guide. 

She shares the principles and practices of yoga to help people manifest happy, healthy lives. Also a rock climber and artist, Cheryl maintains a private studio in Northwest Las Vegas.

Cheryl will be kicking off our festival with "Yoga For All" during which she'll offer yoga that doesn't require a mat or equipment as well as discuss the intersections between practicing yoga and living as a vegan.

Our Event Emcee


Founder of WTF! (Will Tucker Fitness), Creator of the WTF! Method™ and Four-Time Natural Bodybuilding Champion, Will Tucker is a highly sought after speaker and wellness coach. The 47-year-old Mesa, AZ fitness guru has been dubbed America’s Vegan Trainer™ for his remarkable ability to improve people’s health and vitality by incorporating plant-based nutrition combined with functional exercise. At Will Tucker Fitness studio in Mesa, AZ he leads small group, 30 minute training sessions that are fun, fast paced and energetic. He has helped hundreds of Phoenix area residents shed thousands of pounds of excess body weight and successfully achieve their fitness goals. For nearly 20 years everyone from soccer moms to CEO’s, medical professionals and even celebrities have called on Will to guide their journey to improved health. 

Cooking Demo Tent

Cooking demos will be offered free-of-charge and will take place from 12-5pm.

You won't want to miss our line-up of fabulous cooking demos in our designated cooking demo tent brought to you by Vegas Vegan Culinary School & Eatery

Thank you to Bitchin' Sauce, Thrilling Foods, Edwards & Sons, and Miyoko's for your support.

Check the "schedule" section below for all the details!


We're excited to announce that this year we'll be having TWO amazing vegan eating competitions this year. Come hungry and get ready to chow down for prizes at our Vegan Apple Pie eating competition and at our Cena Vegan 2lb Burrito eating competition!

Trick or vegan treat! This year Vegas VegFest will be hosting a kid's trick-or-treat from 3-4pm. We'll have more than 15 treat stations located around the festival. Look for the large orange and black fluffy Halloween decorations tied to a tent or table bowl, and you'll know you're at a participating treat station!

Prior to the trick-or-treat, kids can enjoy a day of fun and games in our designated Kids Zone. We'll have coloring activities, jump rope, and lots of Halloween-themed fun!

Following our trick-or-treat, get ready to dazzle on the main stage. We'll be having a Halloween costume contest for both kids and adults. 

Prize categories:

* Most Vegan
* Most Vegas
* Best Non-Human Animal

Three fantastic prizes will be given to Kids and to Adults (ages 16+)! Adult prizes courtesy of Plant Power Fast Food and Tarantino's Vegan!

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Cooking Demo Tent Schedule
sponsored by Vegas Vegan Culinary School & Eatery

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