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Support Effective Vegan Advocacy

Vegas VegFest.2017.png

Vegas VegFest is the largest vegan advocacy event in the state of Nevada with more than 5,000 individuals visiting! And we don't stop there. We also host two "Vegan Village" events per year in partnership with Clark County Parks and Recreation, which provide ample vegan options at existing community events. We are the only vegan festival in the country branching  out into the community in this way. 

And that's not all! We also host potlucks, offer "how to go vegan" classes, and even run a "Live Vegan" mobile billboard on the Las Vegas Strip as part of our A Kind World campaign. All of this work is completed by CompassionWorks International, the only international animal advocacy organization headquartered in the state of Nevada. With your support, we reach tens of thousands of people every year with positive messages of veganism and compassion for all.

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